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| A |

Ancestors – Short for „Ancestors of the eclipse lineage“: When freed from the hive mind, the Ancestors – blessed by the ecliptic sun – gained a strong ego and used their newfound powers to destroy the Ancient Creature. But they would pay a harsh price: Tainted by the dyings creatures toxic waste, they were bound to mutate. Their offspring carried on the different mutations, thus creating the eclipse lineage.

Ancient Creature – An ancient, parasitic lifeform that would infect planets and feast of the energy of their sun. Since their host planet would slowly succumb to the toxic waste of the creature, it would use the native wildlife to create and breed loyal servants to slow down the destruction and maintain the planet. This creature was destroyed by the ancestors of the eclipse lineage, when weakened at the time of the great eclipse.

| C |

Corona - Sensory organ on the head of a NewSun. Used to communicate with other NewSuns and "scan" the surroundings. They are able to grasp cosmic energy and controll their magic. They were used to listen to the voice of the ancient creature when they still belonged to the hive mind. Now they are way more versatile. It can be coated in tar.

| D |

Dawn - (trait tier) Most common trait tier. Free to use.

Day of the Eclipse
- Holy day of the New Suns. They will celebrate their liberation and honor the Ancestors. Usually the 12th day of the 4th month.

Dusk - (trait tier) Uncommon traits. Free to use, but restricted to max two per design.

| E |

Eclipse -(lore) The fateful day, when the old ones were freed from the oppression of the ancient creature. The day of the eclipse is a holy day for the NewSuns, where they celebrate their liberation.

Eclipse - (trait tier) - Closed trait tier. Only available via customs / adoptables. Adopts with those traits belong to the Eclipse Lineage.

Eclipse Lineage – Offspring of the "ancestors of the eclipse lineage". They carry on the mutations their ancestors gained, as well as their strong ego. New Suns that are part of the eclipse lineage usually take upon themself the role as a leader or spiritual advisor of their legion. Pride and powerful they guide their fellow New Suns through their lifes. Though with the powers of the ancestors, the burden was carried on as well. Mutations are common and more than once they got consumed by their past.

| L |

Legion - A pack or herd of NewSuns is called a Legion. The name was given to them by the first intelligent species, they met - who missunderstood the sound of galloping hooves as some kind of army. Luckily there were no incidents, yet the name stuck with them.

| N |

New Sun – A species that once served an ancient and powerful creature. After their god was destroyed, they scattered through the universe to find a purpose in their life. They have a bipedal as well as quadruped form.

| O |

Old Ones – The name the New Suns gave their old enslaved self, when they used to live under the rule of the ancient creature. They had a hive mind and no individual identity, therefor they lacked a name to call themself.

| T |

Tar – Name for the material that makes up NewSuns arms and second skin. Despite its name, it can appear in different colours than black and is quite versatile. It is said, that this is a remenant of the pollution through the waste of the ancient creature. Similar to newtonian liquid, it will harden on impact, protecting the NewSun from heavy wounds.
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The Tale of the New SunHere you'll find everything necessary to know about the creatures known as New Suns.
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Book of Origin

Book of Origin I: A shattered mind (origin story)
Book of Origin II: Tongues in vain (glossary)

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